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Holiday Luxury Villas for Rent in Italy


Welcome to the most exclusive, luxurious, and personalized way of discovering Italy!

At Divino Italy we aim to take you on an exciting and unforgettable trip all around Italy, a tour around the most beautiful cities and the most exclusive accommodations in this country.

Luxurious private villas in Italy, enchanting houses, countryside apartments and boutique hotels are only a small part of our offer, which happens to be one of the most exclusive offers in Italy.

Come with us and relax in our beautiful Villas in Sicily, and discover unbeatable properties on the Costiera Amalfitana and the spectacular island of Sardegna.

Visit our Villas in Umbria or go horseback riding in Puglia. Enjoy some of the best skiing that the country has to offer in the north-eastern mountain ranges of Italy, or explore the wondrous beauty of the Italian lakes.

All of these areas have many priceless experiences to offer. Try paragliding for the first time, visit some of the world's best wineries, or watch the sunset over the unforgettable Lake Como.

The clear blue waters of Sardegna, hilly landscapes of Sorrento, and white sand beaches of the Sicilian coasts can all be enjoyed through a stay at one of our stunning villas, boutique hotels, or apartments.

We offer accommodations in some of the most beautiful and famous areas of Italy. Whether you are looking for a luxurious family vacation in Positano on the Amalfi Coast, or a romantic getaway for two next to the Duomo of Florence, Divino Italy has a place that will perfectly fit your preferences. 

If you want to enjoy and learn more about the history, culture, gastronomy and the best landscapes in Italy, we are happy to organize a trip to the world-famous museums of Florence, the incomparable wineries of Tuscany, or the breathtaking nature reserves of Perugia.

Peruse guest ratings, detailed descriptions, and numerous photos on our comprehensive website, and get to know and love the quaint villages of the Amalfi Coast,the picturesque mountains of Sicily, and the lush greenery of Umbria as much as we do.

Our specialized staff will be at your complete disposal in order to provide you with all the information you may require in order to have a perfect stay, thus helping you choose the right accommodation and the best excursions and activities that best fit your preferences and budget.

We see every trip as a singular and unique experience, and that is why we have a personalized service which will create an unforgettable adventure for you.

At Divino Italy, we know how difficult it can be to find the right accommodation and we strive to create a relaxed experience from the very first time you contact us. Talk to our friendly and informed staff about your questions, concerns, likes, and dislikes and take all the stress out of organizing a vacation. 

Let us also remind you that most of our properties in our accommodation network bear the seal of “Guaranteed Minimum Price.” If you happen to find these same villas or apartments somewhere else at a lower price, we will change our prices to match those of the rest of the market.

Our easy-to-use website will show you the many types of accommodations we offer, from luxurious villas for family gatherings, to modern apartments for honeymoons, and when you have found your ideal destination you can contact us and start preparing for the vacation of a lifetime!

You can also visit any of our other detailed websites that are linked at the bottom of this page, including our website dedicated to villas in France, where you will find luxury villas, charming apartments, and boutique hotels in equally beautiful locations.


Luxury Villas in Italy

When booking a holiday we are often given a choice of hotels of varying standards in quality to meet various budgets. If we are fortunate enough to have a higher end budget them we get to choose from the 5 star luxury hotels, but even then we may not get quite what we want. Divino Italy are dedicated to introducing you to the most exclusive accommodation options in Italy that you may struggle to find anywhere else.

Divino Italy introduces luxury villas for rent in Italy that will offer you and your family maximum privacy and relaxation throughout your holiday. With staff that know exactly what you are looking for and how to get it for you, Divino Italy strives to give you a holiday that will stay in the memory for many years to come.

With villas, houses and luxury apartments in some of the world's most beautiful spots you will get to witness some spectacular natural scenery while staying in the lap of luxury. From glorious coastal locations, picturesque towns and villages to breath-taking mountain getaways, we can offer anybody the holiday of their dreams.

If you want a holiday quite unlike any that you have ever experienced before, don't hesitate to contact Divino Italy. Send us an email or better still contact us directly and we will be delighted to help you find the holiday accommodation that you deserve.

Holiday Villas in Italy

Once you finally have the opportunity to escape to paradise and have the holiday you have been waiting for, you will want it to be the best experience you could have. Divino Italy brings exquisite and exclusive accommodation options that will leave you wondering if you are really awake, or whether you are dreaming.

For the ultimate in luxurious accommodation our Villas in Italy with private pool will overshadow any accommodation you have experienced anywhere else, but holidays with Divino Italy are about more than just an incredible place to stay.

Our accommodation is located where you can get to experience fantastic skiing, paragliding, horseback riding. You can choose to visit the local wineries to sample some of the finest wines on Earth. Outstanding sunny beaches, crystal clear lakes and awe inspiring mountain backdrops offer plenty to see and do with the opportunity to experience sights, smells, tastes and sounds that you will never have experienced before.

The staff at Divino Italy are specialised in exclusive accommodation and making sure that all of our clients have everything that they could possibly need to make their holiday something special. If you want a holiday that will allow leave you feeling truly refreshed and invigorated, Divino Italy are more than happy to help in any way we can.

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